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old ass post from last year

just found this again. heh.

unnerving201: what up sista?
Triste269: not much girl, how you is?
unnerving201: i be achin' in da joint regions, ya know? and da head all whack.
Triste269: ooo geerl, ain't dat terrrable? i knows dat you needs one of dem spirotractors.
unnerving201: an' some o dat acupunturing shiiit.
Triste269: no gerl, not me. ain't no wite bich gon com neer me wif dem long ass needles! sides, i think dey do dat voodoo shit on people.
unnerving201: daaaamn that voodoo shit wit da chikens an skulls an all dat. is too damn freeky fo me, chile! mamma been doin dat card shit on da intronet an done smacked her lil' wite brains ow.
Triste269: you know gerl, dat intronet be pozessed wif dem spirits and gostes. she crazy messin roun wif dat shit.
unnerving201: ain't no shit to be messin round wit. i knows dis one gerl got some extercised o' some shit cuz dem spooks done snatch her up! i ain't trippin, it true dat.
Triste269: ooo gerl, i be to scaed to lisen to no mo bout' it tonite. I gots to be ables to sleeps wifout haven dem nitemares bout no spooks! I also gots to take deeze yaad dogs out to use da bafroom, so i bees talkin to yo ass lata.
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